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tim stallman

APS Cameras

I think that a simple point and shoot APS camera would be best for me. But is APS just another fad? Will they still make APS film 10 years from now, or will it go the way of the disk camera? (remember them?)

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Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.
  I do remember the disk cameras (as well as a few other hyped-up "innovations" that have come and gone) but I think we are safe with APS. The cameras have a strong place in the market, probably because they:
  • make it easy for the non-technical to deal with film
  • offer the variety of picture formats, and
  • make it possible for the camera makers to construct even smaller cameras.
I know people who benefit enough from these features to create a consistent demand for the product. They should last as long as offer film-based cameras.

If you are interested in APS, I recommend Canon's Elph line, in particular the Elph 240 or the Elph Jr.

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  I think if the APS cameras are to survive, by now their percentage on the shelves would be increasing. I see the opposite.


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