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Ewurama Hayford

fill flash

hello all,
I am currently learning to use a flash appropriately in difeerent setting. I have a Quantary flash on my rebel xt. I noticed that I am able to use flash in indoor settings - utilizing ttl or manual with np problem, but it does give the photos a yellow hue. howeve, when I attempted to use it as fill flash on a bright day, in shade, I got horribly over exposed photos.i uses av, tv, but to no avail. with the flash on, I can go no faster than 1/200 for shutter speed. I ws using apertures btw 4.0-11.0.......... my question is, how do I use fill flash???? I understand the rationale behind it, but with the limititations the flash mode placesmon me, I cant seem to get it right. is it the thrid party flash, or me??? thank you

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6/14/2006 5:30:21 PM

Jon Close
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  Unless your flash is capable of FP high speed sync mode, you are limited to shutter speeds of 1/200 and longer. For outdoor fill flash that means that you have to use very small apertures to keep the sunlit background from being overexposed. In that situation the Rebel XT will give good exposure automatically in P and Tv modes, and in M if you set the aperture so that the meter scale in the viewfinder reads "0". But it won't be able to in Av if you set a too wide aperture like f/4-f/8 since it cannot set a fast enough shutter speed to compensate.

See, especially Part II for more information on using flash with EOS cameras.

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6/15/2006 5:55:40 AM

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