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Michelle Campbell

Equipment for Small Indoor Studio

I am interested in purchasing basic lighting equipment for an small indoor studio, but am unsure what I would need for lighting. Is there somewhere to find a guide or a particular site to go to for advice? I really am not looking to spend a lot of money but want something dependable (not fancy). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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10/8/2001 6:19:51 PM

Tony Peckman   I found some wonderful advice from a Texan photographer, Scott Smith.

He was a terrific forum with very easy to understand Q&A's. He gives great advice on simple home studio lighting techniques and equipment recommendations. Scott strongly suggests NOT investing in expensive equipment, but to learn lighting using basic "home lighting supplies" before you invest in pro equip. It's fun and easy. I made one of his "panel diffusers" for a mere $15.

Check it out for your needs.


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10/10/2001 12:25:28 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   FWIW you might check out Alien Bees lighting. They are remarkably cheap monolights and from what I understand they are made by the same people who make White Lightning lights.

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10/10/2001 1:56:17 PM

Michelle Campbell   Thank you!

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10/10/2001 6:51:36 PM

Paul Jacobs   Your lighting doesn't have to be expensive. Lighting that accomplishes the effects that you are looking for is of prime importance. It could be as simple as a single spot or a series of lights with "home made filters." Cost in photography doesn't insure prize winning results. Your creative ability is what really counts!

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10/11/2001 9:26:10 AM

Tony Peckman   Mr. Paul J.,

I would love to hear some more about "home filters." What do you use for soft effects? What's safe to use with the hot lights for "gels" (if any)?

What sort of things do you use? When I get my home studio set up, I will take some pictures of it and share them with this thread group. How about some pictures from the rest of you of what your studio looks like?

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10/11/2001 10:29:56 AM

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