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Allie broken promises?

Well! A few years ago I entered my dog in and I got letters similar to those I've seen described on the other threads. I've since moved and I've been getting emails from them asking me to go to their conventions in DC and LA and to fork out money to get there or if I pay a large sum of money, I can get a silver bowl mounted like a trophy... I'm in Australia. Can't get very far and I'm only 17 and I wasn't in work when I got invited to these bogus conventions.

I was promised my picture published in "Forever In A Moment" (Sorry, Forever in a Moment has been published (release date 10/15/2003).) and now in "Endless Journeys". I didn't buy any books. Too expensive from Aus for an unemployed teen. Did anybody happen to see my picture in the book? Is it there? I'm very curious.

Allie (Alexandra Durkin).

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5/17/2006 7:02:24 AM

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