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Rafi Cohen

How to shoot people at anight time party at home ?

In what program should I shoot a party ?
What shutter speed is required and what apperture to capture the motion,even freeze it,to catch the people sharp ?
How to set the flash,or is it manageged by the camera ? the camera is Canon Elan 7 and the flash is Canon 550ex.
Thank you for your answers.

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9/29/2001 6:49:08 AM

Tony Peckman   One thing I tried that made for fun, interesting shots at a party(this was a teen dance) is to have your camera on a tripod, set a fairly show shutter speed(I did it for 8 seconds...too long!), i.e.,1/2- 2 seconds(try different speeds, take a lot of shots)and use the flash. This technique will slightly blur motion while the flash will effectively "freeze" motion. If your flash has manual power settings, all the better, but this is where trial and error come in. I took the flash off the camera, and during the few seconds of exposure I forced the flash from a few yards away from the camera...side lighting. The effect was fun and dramatic.
I guess you could try it without the tripod too. Slow shutter speed, used with the flash. Freezes the motion, but also blurs the "flashless" motion.
Have fun and good luck.

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10/10/2001 3:00:56 PM

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