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Dave Fletcher

Keeping the Bride's Dress Clean

Are there any secrets to helping my customer keep her dress from getting soiled when shooting her outdoor bridal portrait? She wants the standard full length, of course. I have my stool for her to sit on. She may also want one sitting on brick steps or possibly even the ground. Thanks.

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4/19/2006 3:34:22 PM

Debby A. Tabb
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/4/2004
These shoots are best done after the ceremony, or after the wedding day itself. Then a bride can go and do anything without the worry of the dress getting damaged in on-site shoots or at the dry cleaners. I hope this helps.

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4/19/2006 5:40:20 PM

Slim Brady 
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/1/2006
  Hair spray I think. The brides dress will get dirty no matter what. Even from just walking down the aisle. PS will take care of that. Have a bridesmade carry the back to minimize.

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4/19/2006 5:57:55 PM

Slim Brady 
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/1/2006
  Oxyclean for dirt - if it doesn't make it better, at least it won't make it worse
Clorox stain stick - but don't use it too often and dryclean the first chance you get.
Red Wine Stain: First, gently dab at the stain with a clean white cloth. Then poor water or club soda onto the cloth, and dab some more. Whatever you do, do not rub! Keep dabbing with clean parts of the cloth until it seems like most of the stain has come out.
Stains on your carpet? Woolite spot & stain carpet cleaners are your answer!
Oily Food Stain: Sprinkle talcum powder liberally over the stain on your wedding dress. Wait about ten minutes, then shake the excess off.
Ink Stain: The solution to getting ink out is hair spray, believe it or not! Test the hair spray out on a discreet portion of the wedding dress perhaps the inside of the hem before using it on the stain, as hair spray may mark the fabric. Put a cloth behind the fabric, then spray the ink stain lightly. Wait five minutes, then dab gently with a damp cloth.
Lipstick Stain: The best solution is to try to cover the stain with baking soda or talcum powder. You can also try using a solvent such as dry cleaning fluid or cigarette lighter fluid, but be aware that such solvents frequently discolor fabric. Be sure to test it on an unseen portion of the wedding dress first.
Blood Stain: If the blood is still wet, moisten a cotton swab with your own saliva (or the saliva of the person whose blood it is), then gently rub it over the stain. It should come out. If it's dry, or nearly dry, dab the blood stain gently with very cold water on a white washcloth. Hold the cloth on the spot and see if blood breaks down and comes out. If that doesn't work, see if there is a first aid kit nearby with hydrogen peroxide, and dilute it (one part to nine parts water). Careful, hydrogen peroxide can bleach fabrics. Use the diluted solution to gently dab at the stain. When it starts to break down, go back to plain cold water. Use chalk or talcum powder to disguise anything that doesn't come out.

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4/19/2006 6:05:20 PM

Debbie Del Tejo
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/30/2005
  I bring a big plastic white tablecloth so it sits underneath her and is not noticed. Blessed is the bride who does not care if her dress gets a little dirt on it because SHE IS NEVER WEARING IT AGAIN!!!! (I do get those once in a while, and it is a blessing!)

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4/19/2006 6:52:30 PM

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