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Brian D. Cronk

Mamiya camera

I have been doing some research into medium format cameras. I would like to start experimenting with this format. I have seen quite a few people in my research say that the old Mayima c220 is a great medium format camera to start with. It is supposed to be very solid and resonably easy to use. Does anyone have any thoughts about this. I know that this is not the most advanced system but there seems to be alot of them around and it is the right price for someone who is just getting interested in this format.

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4/2/2006 1:19:30 PM

Mark Feldstein
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/17/2005
  Nope, Brian. You can't go wrong with one of these twin lens work horses and you're exactly right: They're solid and extremely well made, pretty simple and straightforward to use in all respects from loading film to exposure control on the interchangable lenses, very versatile, easy to service (when they rarely need it) and the images you get (assuming adequate camera support, either hand held or on a tripod) will be sharp, crisp, clear and clean. These are also extremely reliable cameras, many of which are still in every day use by wedding and portrait photographers using an 80 mm or 150mm lens. With a standard (I think it's an 80 mm) lens, they also do beautiful landscape and scenic photography.

I remember that Mamiya offered a number of accessories for the C220 including prism meter viewfinders (as opposed to the standard waist-level viewfinder with a flip-down magnifier), a lens shade for the lower lens, a number of filters are still available but I can't recall what series # they are, standard straps, and a few other things.

While I never used the prism meter finder to determine exposures, the prism itself makes a handy focusing/framing aid depending on how you're shooting.

All in all Brian, these are excellent cameras, and if you're lucky enough to get one, use it in the best of health and enjoy it!! In my view, these are really very excellent pieces of equipment. For great deals on them, check out the prices at I'm not so sure I'd buy one off e-bay sight unseen. KEH has very good no questions return policies and warranty's their equipment, parts and labor, for 30 days. Check them out if you're shopping.

Take it light.

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4/2/2006 2:41:00 PM

Kerry L. Walker   I agree with Mark. Although I have never used a C-220 I had and used a C-33 many years ago and I will say it was a really good camera.

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4/3/2006 6:35:48 AM

Tom R. Walker
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/7/2006
  I,ve used them and agree they're great cameras, but a little on the heavy side to carry around all day, nowadays I use a mamiya 645 for my walking around medium format.

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4/3/2006 6:57:03 PM

Christopher A. Walrath
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/25/2006
  Just wait til you look through the viewer. It's large enough you can view with both eyes in three d. You'll be hooked. I have a Mamiya M645J and I love it. My workhorse is still my Minolta XG-M system of bodies and lenses. I just acquired a SRT102 to give me no power/manual capacity. No batteries needed.

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5/9/2006 8:44:54 PM

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