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Kathy Radford
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/2/2006

Selling photos at Home Parties

I was toying with the idea of maybe offering home parties to sell my matted and framed photos and note cards. I just thought it might be a way of generating more sales. Has anyone else tried it? Anxious for any input on this. Kathy in NH

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3/29/2006 3:44:01 AM

Mark Feldstein
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/17/2005
  You know Kathy, while I appreciate what you're trying to accomplish, the methodology poses a number of problems you ought to consider.

First, you're essentially going to be turning your home or someone elses, perhaps, into a commercial store and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that carries property owner / liability issues and therefore requires commercial insurance, and so business licenses, registering with the tax assessor's office before they find you on their own, ad infinitim.

This isn't really quite the same as a Tupperware Party wherein folks are generally familiar with the product and their own needs for that stuff. Instead, you're essentially asking friends (and perhaps strangers) to come over to buy YOUR work, placing you and them in the somewhat awkward position of potentially telling you they're not interested when they see it. This could lead to a strain on friendships.

Lastly, I don't know how you feel about it, but I have a real aversion to inviting total strangers into our home for any reason.

So, here's a couple of suggestions for ya. Try selling your pre-made work at local book stores, galleries, coffee shops, stationary stores, drug stores, etc., preferably for cash up front rather than on commission. If you've got a small town newspaper or even newsletter, ask them if they want to do a small story on you and your work, say a paragraph or two, and indicating that your work is available for sale at whatever stores. Small town papers love keeping the flames of local commerce burning.

That way, you'll keep your home and private life private and your friends will tell you that they've seen (and hopefully purchased) some of your work at the local whatever store. Seewhatimean?
Good luck.

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3/30/2006 5:33:53 PM

Deborah Liperote
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/8/2006
  I really have nothing to add to this discussion but I do have to say that you live in the cutest little town. I can why you think people would want your pictures because they (the pictures in your gallery) capture the essense of where they (the people)are from. Oh I will say that my husband and I own a kitchen and bath store. we sell cabinetry and remodel peoples kitchens and so forth. we just put in our house a beautiful new kitchen and I thought at first a could handle letting our customers come to our house to see our kitchen so they can see the quality of our product. well I can't. I hate having strangers in my home. I have to make sure I put my valuables away. (ex: who doesn't take off their wedding rings on put them above the sink?) well I can't because I may forget them and while Im not home my husband might show our kitchen and more wedding rings. just a thought. your town is so cute but unfortunately townspeople might not be as upright as they used to be.

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3/30/2006 6:35:55 PM

Kathy Radford
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/2/2006
  Thanks Mark and Deborah for your input. It is greatly appreciated. Deborah I glad you like my gallery as I have had a lot of positive feedback around here. Mark, I hear you, that is something to consider, I thought it would be like a local Tupperware party type of deal. I used to sell that years ago.

I do currently have them in 2 stores, one in a convenience store in a neighboring town which seems to be doing well, and the other in Hampton in the beach area that gets a lot of tourists in the summer. That one I just put the cards in 2 weeks ago. I go back there today to see if any have been sold. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've approached a local card shop but they said no as well as a high end restaurant that has a gift shop, they said they are scaling down the gift area and don't want any consignment items. People don't seem as willing to buy them outright but are leaning more towards consignment. I do like your list of other places to try. Thanks a bunch. Kathy in NH

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3/31/2006 3:19:41 AM

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