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Photograph vs. Snapshot

What is the difference between a photograph and a snapshot?

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9/10/2001 5:34:27 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Depends on who you talk to. First of all a snapshot is a photograph but a photograph is not necesarily a snapshot. To me a snapshot is a picture taken without much thought or planning generally designed to capture a moment or record a place or memory. Family albums are loaded with snapshots. They are usually poorly composed, lit, and focussed but they succeed in capturing a moment in history. A good photograph stands on it's own without explanation or a knowledge of the circumstances. It is well thought out in terms of composition, lighting, and focus (which doesn't necessarily mean it is in sharp focus). There is clear intent to a good photograph and it tells a story or illustrates an emotion.

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9/10/2001 6:15:18 PM

Hermann  Graf   Ashley,

a snapshot is just point and shoot in order to grasp the moment which otherwise you cannot hold of because it is gone. A photograph is the result of planning, thinking, rethinking and improving.

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9/11/2001 2:56:08 AM

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