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how to do black and white w/color

how would you make a photo black and white but leave something in the photo in color? Example: a kid holding flowers, the whole photo black and white but the flowers would be in color?

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3/14/2006 1:39:34 PM

Rebecca K. Renz
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/8/2005
  There are several techniques and which one you use is pretty much a style preference. You can copy the image,remove color, and then paste the color on top of the black and white, then erase the color portions you want black and white. Finally feather or blue the edge between the color. I don't like this method, I feel like I have less control
The other method is to selecte everything you want to be black and white with the selection wand and selection brush (you have to zoom in close to select along the edges of where you want color. Then go to black and white in the selected areas. Again blur or feather the edge between color and black and white. The third way is the exact opposite to the last method. Select what you want to stay in color, copy this and move it to a blank image. Remove color on the original and then paste the color section from the black image. Feather and blur along eadges. I think the second method mentioned is my favorite, but if I am selecting something a solid color (say a blue balloon) where it is easier to select the color, I will use the third option. I never use the first option. If you are still having trouble with it I would probably take a class on photo shop or digital editing. Good luck,

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3/14/2006 1:56:17 PM

Cindy Umpleby
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/2/2005
  in photoshop elements..

- open photo file and choose photo
- select all
- edit, copy
- edit, paste
- enhance - remove color
- select eraser tool
- erase over area you want color.

Sorry this sounds rather elementary - a friend emailed this to me (he know I need simple explanations) so I passed it along

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3/18/2006 7:38:42 PM

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