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Nathaniel M. Blumberg

How do I use my Gossen Luna Pro light meter?

I have a lightmeter which looks to be from the 1960's.
Everything works fine. Don't know how to work it. I need to know how to work it.
It's a Gossen Luna Pro.
I put batteries in it. Works fine.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
I hope that you can tell me how to work this.

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9/4/2001 11:07:55 PM

Hermann  Graf   Nathaniel,

There must be a pushbutton to press for activating the measurement. The needle on the scale will then move away from zero, and alter its deflection when the opening with the glass plate (photocell) is oriented vs. a light source. For reading the value, rotate the outer indented ring of the scale till the needle takes the zero position again. You can then read the possible f stop/exposure combinations on the scale, e.g. f2.8// 1/250, f4.0// 1/125, etc. Be sure that the film speed is properly set on the scale. Holding the light meter from the camera vs. the object yields object metering. Measuring from the object vs. the camera gives light metering; for this, shift the opaque white hemisphere until it takes the position in front of the opening with the photocell. There is perhaps an additional scale ring for exposure correction. For no correction, the nose must be in its zero position; otherwise, + 1EV, +2EV, or -1EV, -2EV is indicated.

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9/5/2001 5:13:12 AM

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