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Wayne Marsh

repair my camera

i dropped my campact digital camera , and now my lcd screen does not work , can you help me point me in the right direction how to fix it .. its a sony dsc-p100 ..thanks wayne

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2/25/2006 10:31:11 AM

Will Turner   My brother has one of these, his fifth digicam in 7 years. No camera likes to be dropped on hard surfaces, but digicams do not survive lighter bumps or drops nearly as well as film SLR cameras. If it hits lens forward the zoom/autofocus is broken, if it hits lens up, the LCD takes a hit. Any hit can break the thin microcircitry.

At last report Sony had followed the lead of other digicam manufacturers and restricted all parts, manuals, training, and authorized repair services to Sony repair 'centers'. This practice naturally reduces your options, unless you're certain only the LCD is affected, want to order a gray-market LCD screen and install it yourself (or take your chances with an unauthorized shop).

But repair also depends upon whether other components were damaged, as with other digicams the lens/zoom assemblies, electronic modules, and circuits are pretty fragile and can be easily broken as well in a drop. I've seen Sony quote prices of around $171-$250 depending upon amount of damage. These Sony models have had complaints with dust ingress issues on sensor and inside the lens assembly. I would get a good internal cleaning done if you're going to pay for dissasembly and repair.

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2/25/2006 11:20:20 AM

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