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Jen Orbistondo

All-in-one lens

I'm considering purchasing the new Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens to use with my Nikon D70s. I am interested in portrait photography and am not sure if this would be a good lens. I'd like to only purchase two lenses for now. Would I be better off with a couple of fixed lenses (80mm f1.8, etc.). Thanks for any advice!

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2/17/2006 8:17:25 PM

Bob Fately   Jennifer, of course your personal style has a lot to do with what makes the most sense for you, but you might want to consider the prime lenses over the single zoom.

Yes, the zoom in conventient, but a lot of time portrature requires the faster lens speed that results in shallower depth of field to blur out any distracting background. The 85 f1.8 would be a good choice (the 85 f1.4 even better!), if you find yourself comfortable working with your subjects at the requisite distance.

On the other hand, there's nothing that says the zoom can't make for great portraits - after all, a good portrait shot has much more to do with the shooter's ability to get the subject to relax and feel comfortable than it does with some specific piece of gear.

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2/18/2006 4:50:55 PM

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