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Linda Smith

Taking Indoor Shots

I have been taking photos of my daughter for her senior pictures. The outdoor ones are great. But now she wants to have some head shots taken indoors. I do not have any equipment other than the flash unit and tripod. I was thinking about shooting near the window with a backdrop. I know indoor lights cast a colored light the camera picks up, but any suggestions on how else to light her without the purchase of more equipment?

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8/18/2001 11:38:52 AM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
  Positioned near a large window can produce dramatic side lighting. To fill the other side away from the window slightly you can use a large piece of white poster-board or similar material. May take an assistant to hold it, and experiment some with its position. Daylight streaming through a clear window should not cause much, if any, color cast unless the room walls are a very strong, bright color. I agree with the use of a backdrop . . . or with some location that is very plain without anything to clutter the image. You can use depth of field control with your aperture setting to place the background out of focus.

-- John

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8/18/2001 12:17:46 PM

john matteson   I did my son's portrait by the window, south facing, with a white sheet hung over the window to diffuse the light. You did'nt mention what kind of camera you are using, but many of them have a fill-flash feature on them. This fill-flash with put out enough light to softly light your subject usually without the harsh shadows and blueish looking light from a full power flash. Check your manual for mention of this feature and it may solve your problem. I forgot to say that the window light was for sidelighting.

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8/19/2001 12:16:04 PM

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