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Scott McCord

Any advice on posing 80+ people?

I have a high school reunion shoot coming up this summer and 80+ people are going to be in this shot. They have requested that I make it interesting - something different that the standard group shot. What else do you do with that many people other than put them in rows? By the way, I'm only going to have two 325-watt monolights. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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1/22/2006 3:02:52 PM

Pete H
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  Holy smokes Scott! 80? Yikes!

First off..the two lights you have are not nearly enough.
Shoot this thing outdoors if at all possible.

Unless you have a Med format laying around, you'll have to group them as tightly as possible.

Something different? Hmm?

Maybe half the people wearing white T-shirts and the other half wearing black. LOL
Post edit a background with a white background behind the people wearing black and vice versa.
Just a thought.

Hey; if you disperse them, the white shirts will actually act like reflectors and throw more light around.


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1/22/2006 3:40:46 PM

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