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Do I use a flash in a school gym or go without ??

I have a Canon Rebel XT with a strobo frame and a 430 EX Canon flash for it.
I take photo's for our dance team that High kicks fast motion in a gym. I've had problems with the flash being to intense like on the faces and arms, mostly on the skin and also a shadow.
I've tried adjusting the iso lower and useing a disfuser. I've been told by a Canon tech just tonight that I could lower the flash output or do I point the flash toward the ceiling one notch ?? I like to keep the shutter speed like 200 or more if posible. Been shooting in the TV mode. It take good photo's without flash, but need to iso it to 1600. Somtimes not enough light come's in with the shutter speed whereI would like to use it.

Help !!!


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1/19/2006 7:52:24 PM

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