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Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005

Tip a Day?..or Two?

Hey! Just an idea.
I know there are many on this site who are just starting out and/or perhaps a little sheepish about asking a question, thinking it might be too simple. Well; how about precluding that with offering a tip or two from as many people who wish to contribute?
There are many people here on the BP website, and an equal amount of talents.

I feel these tips should be aimed at the newer people to photography and maybe even with a digital slant, as so many seem to be shooting with such.

These tips and hints need not be in any particular order, just some good Ol' general advice to help some improve and maybe answer a question no one wanted to ask or was afraid to ask.

Let's keep it simple to start, and if anyone desires a deeper understanding on a particular subject, we can direct them to the information.

With that in mind, I'll start:

Exposure 101:

Digital cameras do not have the same ability to capture wide variables in light as does film. Some call this "Latitude"..or "Dynamic Range"

So; when shooting with digital, take careful exposure readings. This is a good rule adopted by many who shoot slide film, sometimes known as "chrome." Slide film does not have the same "latitude" as a negative.
If one must err, err slightly on the side of underexposure. Blown highlights can not be recovered in digital.

"Blown highlights" are areas of the photo that are so bright, no detail is seen. In the digital world, this would be a numerical value of 255.

..and there is "Tip #1"

Happy shooting,


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1/14/2006 5:13:34 PM

Sharon  Day
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/27/2004
  Good idea, Pete! I have one small tip. When preparing an image to upload to BP try resizing to 480 on the short side. I find my images are much sharper after uploading them if I don't resize to 500 as suggested in the guidelines.

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1/14/2006 6:23:02 PM

Samuel Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/21/2004
  yea well it's called photoshop. I know, kinda harsh statement.
might even be an opinion?
this site has helped me so much, why change it?
great tip for digital.

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1/14/2006 8:23:14 PM

Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005
  Hey thanks Sharon,

I'm not even sure if I resize to that dimension or not..I think I go to 600x480 as long as I didn't crop.
Good idea.

I have noticed BP does reduce the resolution of our pics, (a shame) but I understand this as I am sure they have limited storage.
Thanks again.


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1/14/2006 8:44:11 PM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/17/2003
  This feature is already offered at BP.
Go to the Home Page and scroll down to Tip of the Day.
These tips were entered by BP staff, instructors and by members

A different tip appears each time the Home Page is opened. You can "read more" to access the archives to read them all and "add your own tip" if you want.

Each week, a different Tip of the Week is selected from the archives and featured in the SnapShot Newsletter.

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1/15/2006 6:13:31 AM

Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005
  Hello Bob,

Well does that preclude us from posting tips and beginning a thread?
I dn't think the "Tip of the Week" allows feedback or discussion, does it?


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1/15/2006 5:06:37 PM

Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005
  Bored with Shooting?

Gettin' a little burnout?
I have in the past.

There are literally millions of things to shoot from even millions of angles.

Maybe a good way out of a slump is to tell yourself, "Today I am only going to shoot 2 frames." So make 'em count.

Find one subject and focus on how to make it great! Don't stray.

If this won't work..winning the lottery will help. LOL


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1/15/2006 5:10:29 PM

Collette Photography
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/21/2005
  Ok, here is one!

When shooting in either digital or film make sure that you set you metering sistem to the right setting for the picture.

Meaning for example use matrix metering for like photos were there is not a great range of bright and dark areas

use center weighted metering for when the subject is lighter or darker but you want the whole image for the most part to be exposed correctlt, but you want the subject to get the priority.

and use spot metering for when the subject is vastly different in brightness or darkness, and you want it exposed correctly no metter what it does to the background.

Using the right setting will greatly improve your photos!!

ok, I hope that made sense and was somewhat helpfull. =)


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1/17/2006 9:30:01 AM

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