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Karen Creager


I am so frustrated. I am not able to download my pictures from my Canon camera. I took the camera and card to a friends thinking the camera or card was the problem but it worked fine there. I have tried a card reader and also tried just hooking up the camera directly to the computer. I have no luck. I know I have it hooked up correctly. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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1/6/2006 10:09:31 PM

Sylvia Rossler
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/6/2005
  Well i'm not an expert, but have you tried to reinstall your needed software programs ? I use XP an never had any problems.

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1/7/2006 3:29:24 AM

Irene Troy
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/27/2004
  Karen -
Tell us exactly (as precise as possible) what you did when you tried to downloaded your images to your computer. The reason why I am asking is that I had problems, early on, in learning how to download my images. After struggling for days I happened (completely by accident) to discover the solution and recognized that I was skipping an important, if minor, step. This is how it works for my camera (a Minolta 7D) and my Windows XP system:

1. Connect the card reader to the computer via the USB/Firewire cord (make sure that the computer recognizes this connection. You should get a beep or a small window, on the lower right corner, of your desktop screen that says something about accepting the hardware. If you want to be really sure that the computer recognizes the connection, go to START – MY COMPUTER and check to ensure that the card reader is recognized by checking on the list of drives.)
2. Place your media card into the card reader
3. In MY COMPUTER click on the letter for the card reader and open the card.
4. Select, by highlighting or by using the EDIT menu and selecting “SELECT ALL” the images you wish to transfer.
5. A pop-up menu will ask where you wish to transfer the images. Select the location and click “MOVE” or “COPY”
6. The system will then copy/move the files to the location you have selected
7. You can then check to see if the files have successfully been moved/copied by returning to the main “MY COMPUTER” screen and selecting the destination location and opening it to ensure that your images are where they belong.

An alternative method:

1. Open your image editing software (I use Photoshop CS2)
2. Under the file menu (at least in most software) you should have an “IMPORT” command. Select this command and
3. A pop-out menu will ask for the source designation of the image you wish to import into the editing software
4. Select the source location – either your camera or the card reader
5. Select the files – by name or number – that you wish to import
6. Designate, by name. the designation location and
7. Click on “IMPORT”
8. Your image files should be imported into your designation location.

I generally use method #1 because I find it easier and quicker; however, either method works well for me. If neither method works for you, come back and tell us where things go wrong and perhaps we can come up with more ideas. Others here know a great deal more about doing all of this then I do, so they will probably have more advice.

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1/7/2006 12:47:16 PM

anonymous A.    If you use Windows XP, Irene's explaination should have you up and running.
If not, please tell us what computer and Operating System you use; is it an earlier version of Windows, like Win98 or Win95 or even older? Is it a Macintosh or a Linux/Unix machine? How many of its posrt (like USB) have already got accessories hanging off them (like printers and scanners)?

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1/8/2006 4:40:49 AM

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