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Bill Wyatt
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/17/2005

I can see small specks through my view finder

I can see small dust specs through my view finder but they do not show up in the images. I used a blower to try and get rid of the dust but it is still there. Is it harmful to the mirror to gently swab the mirror? Also the etched glass of the view finder I think this is where the dust is. Can someone please help?

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1/3/2006 6:35:18 AM

Bob Fately   First, Bill - no, the specks you see are most likely on the fresnel (etched) focuser or the mirror itself - and are thus completely out of the light path when the mirror rises out of the way to get the picture.

Second - it is not adviseable to swab the mirror - unless you know what you're doing and have steady hands AND use a proper cleaning fluid and pads (likeEclipse and PecPads). The reason is that, unlike your bathroom mirrors, the SLR mirror is a front-surface type - there is no protective layer of glass on top of the silvery part - so it's very delicate.

The good news is that, if a blower doesn't dislodge the matter, it probably won't come off during normal use and contaminate the shutter box. If you are really bothered by it, though, then it's probably best to pay for a CLA (Clean/Lube/Adjust) with an authorized service center.

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1/3/2006 7:33:53 AM

Todd Bennett
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/8/2004
I tried cleaning mine on my n75 and wound up spending around 65.00 to have it replaced. First I scratched with a Q-Tip (yes a Q-Tip cotton swap) and then made it worse with just the slightest bump of my finger nail. Unless you know what you are doing, take Bob's advice and let a pro do it.

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1/3/2006 7:46:02 AM

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