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Programs to help future business

Hello, I am hoping you all can help me. I have a friend who's an engineer that recommended a bunch of computer programs that may help me start my future business, with websites, etc. I don't know much about them, so are there any that you recommend that I buy from the below:

adobe 6 full
adobe illustrator 9
adobe pagemaker 7
Dreamweaver 8
macromedia dreamweaver
macromedia coldfusion

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12/22/2005 9:01:33 AM

John Rhodes
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/24/2005
  Teresa, If you are unsure about these programs, that says alot. Please don't think you can simply buy some very expensive programs and be productive. You would be better served by having someone else work with you to design and host your web site--like BP. Use the money you would have spent on all these programs and for the other sapects of getting a business up and running.

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12/22/2005 9:48:20 AM

TERESA J. SWEET   Once I do have a business, then yes, I already plan on having someone host it. I just wanted opinions on if these were good programs or not because I would like to get more experience with them. I'm not buying all of them, I wanted to know which were the better ones. I know what is needed to make a business strive, but I value others opinions. Thanks.

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12/22/2005 9:54:29 AM

Christopher A. Vedros
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/14/2005
There is one thing that these programs have in common - they are all pretty expensive.

Being an engineer myself, the one that stands out to me is AutoCAD. I don't see any reason for it to be on your list. It's very expensive, and I don't really see that it would be of use to you.

I haven't done any complicated website work, only basic stuff, but you really don't need all these tools. Lots of hosting sites have site-building tools available for you. I would check with a couple of hosting sites first.

Good luck,


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12/22/2005 11:33:25 AM

TERESA J. SWEET   Awesome, thanks Chris! I'm not too saavy on programs so I figured I'd ask around to see what others thought. I haven't chosen a host yet, but I have a friend that is also an engineer like yourself, but I have yet to contact him to see his thoughts. Thank you very much for your time!

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12/22/2005 11:42:22 AM

BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/6/2004
  I have used most of these programs at my University for my degree in Graphic Communications (graphic design). Pagemaker is old news. Adobe has replaced it with InDesign. But, what would you need pagemaker or InDesign for? If you would be doing a website than it would be a big waste of money in my opinion. Pagemaker and InDesign are programs used for page layout. If you have a business and want to do your own brochures, postcards, advertisements in general than these programs would be valuable but there is more to learn about graphic design than just the software.

Illustrator is of no use to you unless you plan to do a lot of "illustrations." I myself am not very savy when it comes to drawing and so I don't use this program as much as Photoshop. If I can do a project with a photograph rather than an illustration I usually go that route. However, as a graphic designer I will be using Illustrator a lot. As a photographer I wouldn't invest the money. I'd rather hire my friend for odd jobs to do illustrations rather than pay for the program . . . it would be cheaper and I'd get better stuff. If you're making one website that wouldn't need a lot of changes for the illustrations I'd hire someone or purchase needed illustrations from or other stock places.

Dreamweaver is a great program. I think it's pretty easy to use but I've taken a few web design classes for my degree and so I've had formal training.

I guess I'm just wondering what you plan to do with your business. Do you want to do photography? Or is there more to it than that? If I knew why these programs were suggested to you than I could give you a better answer as to which programs would be useful.

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12/22/2005 1:09:16 PM

TERESA J. SWEET   Awesome feedback, Cherylann! Thank you so much. This is the type of info I was looking for. My future business will be focused mainly on Wedding Photography and Portraiture. The programs that I listed above was just a list that a friend stated were good, but I wasn't sure if they would work in this type of business or not and was hoping to get some great info on them. I thought BP members would know better than just online search about the program. So thank you very much and if you have any other info or suggestions, I'll gladly take them. If not, I appreciate your time and thoughts!

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12/23/2005 5:52:05 AM

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