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Stephen J. Dyer

Release for riders and horses

I recently shot a number of photos of a local horse ride and had the riders sign a model release but I did not metion their horse in the release.

As I did metion a "rider" , do you think I would be OK using the images for stock as the "horse" is only implied by the term"rider" and not specifically mentioned?

Any help appreciated

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12/20/2005 10:41:25 PM

Joe Johnson   I'm curious how you were able to get anyone to sign a legally binding contract like that? Did you pay them to sign?

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12/21/2005 7:11:10 AM

Stephen J. Dyer   It was a 5 day ride and I tagged along for 2 days and provided a cd to each rider of low res photos, not too low, OK for 6 x 4 prints for payment.

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12/21/2005 1:39:50 PM

Mark Feldstein
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  So Stephen, did the horses have an agent or representative? If not, I think you're probably ok to use the images for stock (depending on the language of your release). And giving each person a CD for them to make their own 6x4" prints is sufficient legal consideration in exchange for them signing the release (seems pretty generous actually).

In a contract, consideration (offered in exchange for entering into the contract can really be anything the parties mutually agree has value, whether it's a buck (or more), a peppercorn, anything really.

So tell me, were you photographing these horses and riders for "LIVE STOCK"??? [I can hardly believe I said that].

Take it light. ;>)

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12/21/2005 7:49:23 PM

Stephen J. Dyer   Mark, I am setting up my own stock site, quite an undertaking but a long term project that I hope will earn some retirement income. A bit of a dream travelling Australia, taking photos and earning an income.

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12/21/2005 8:05:31 PM

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