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Richard A. Ackerman

Naming files and photos

What is the best way to organize large numbers of JPEG files (Photos that I want to copy to CDs)?

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7/27/2001 12:28:07 AM

Paul Cramp   Richard, It depends on what the images are actually of.
We have over 18,000 images of tooling stored in library. Each product has to have a unique code for ordering, so each image is identified and filed using this code.
Distributors of stock photography Split their images into sections according to the image type. For example; Nature, Landscapes, Weather etc. Each image is named to remind you what is on the image so that you do not have to open the file. Example: Lion in trees, tornado, etc.
For further ideas refer to the following web sites:

Hope this helps.


Paul Cramp
Cromwell Tools

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8/2/2001 3:57:21 AM

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