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Steve Warren
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Match-Needle Metering


Does anyone know how acurate match needle metering is?

I have a K1000 that I LOVE, but wonder how the metering gets it's readings (2% spot, average scene, etc.)


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12/19/2005 12:53:33 PM

Bob Fately   Hi,Steve,

Well, if memory serves, the K1000 uses center weihgting to meter - but you should simply check a manual to see that. Spot metering was a more sophisticated approach - not found on the entry-level cameras like the K1000.

Just so you know, "match needle" merely refers to the method you use to set the lens/shutter combination. This is as opposed to a couple of other ways - LED, center needle, etc., that achiece the same end result. The reading functionality of the meter (spot, center weight, matrix, whatever) has nothing to do with the method of overlapping needles or just getting the center LED to light up.

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12/19/2005 1:55:08 PM

doug Nelson   See for a potential pitfall with center-weighted averaging. My 24mm lens took in too much sky, which I allowed to over-influence the metering, not the meter's fault, but mine, for being in a hurry to get the emotion in this scene. The digital noise in the shadow areas of peoples' legs resulted when I tried to manipulate the scanned image to bring out faces.

Any metering is system is fine; no one system is inherently better, as long as we know what part of the scene is being metered.

As Bob points out, match-needle and LED's lighting up are ways of displaying the meter reading. I have thrown a few match-needle cameras out of whack by dropping them.

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12/20/2005 6:12:00 AM

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