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Christopher Budny
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/3/2005

Enhancement ideas for

Ok, this isn't a suggestion for the Deluxe Web Sites, since I don't have one, but there was no Category choice for Premium Gallery discussions...
I'd love to see an enhancement to the "Your Photos" page---in addition to the text field for "Title" and the general Description text box, how about a small text field (maybe 255 characters, if space is any concern) as "Memo" field, visible only to the gallery owner, on the "Your Photos" pages, and not displayed in the Gallery. I think it would be incredibly handy, to jot notes about the pic (such as "entered in Oct 05 contest") or anything else that would be useful about that pic on, rather than keeping a paper log offline. Additionally, since I'm suggesting an enhancement, here's one more (not about Galleries)--when responding in Q&A threads, and I'm fully signed in already, if I want to incorporate a picture (that is pre-loaded in my Gallery or even just "Your Photos") I never see a "Photo ID" option---instead, I must re-upload a fresh instance of the pic from my hard drive. Yet, if I initiate a discussion, I think I've seen that "Photo ID" option... Would love to have that feature for responses to existing threads! Thanks so much for a terrific website/community!!

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12/16/2005 4:02:04 PM

Katrina McMeans
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/9/2005
  I SO agree with you there, Christopher! I've also thought it would be great if there were a small section where each premium gallery member could store maybe 10 or so of their favorite photographers galleries or favorite pictures, for easy catching up and such. Maybe that wouldnt be convenient after all, but it was an idea I've had for a while!

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12/17/2005 5:11:26 PM

Sharon  Day
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/27/2004
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  I really love the Premium Galleries. The only thing I would change might be the choice of a black background like the gallery owners have at

As far as notes goes those could easily be added to the photo description, couldn't they? I never do it simply because I'm too lazy most of the time. I keep forgetting to put what category I've entered them in. That's nice to know and I need to do that to the rest of my images.

I keep galleries to photographers I enjoy checking on bookmarked in my favorites. That's about as easy as it comes I think. Just make a folder and put your favorite galleries in a separate folder.

Being able to enter a photo ID when in the Q&A would be helpful. I thought you used to be able to do it like that? Now that I have it figured out you need to be signed in first it's no big deal to make sure I'm signed in before adding my pic though.

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12/17/2005 5:35:07 PM

Kay Beausoleil
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/31/2004
  Good suggestions, Sharon. On the photo sort page, I'd like to have the same update feature as on the deluxe websites: the number order is refreshed when the changes are entered. On the premium galleries, it's a royal pain to renumber from start to finish if adding more than three pictures between pictures already posted which you want in a particular order.

For the contest, I print out the Your Contest Entries page after my last entry for the month; the categories are listed.

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12/17/2005 7:18:04 PM

Brian Lobdell
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/7/2005
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  Hi everyone...lots of good ideas! Kay, I really agree about the numbering! I've tried several approaches other than renumbering every picture, and it has been a disaster. Unless I'm missing something, you need to renumber frequently, or switch new listings with exisiting page 1 images, moving them to the last page...
Also wanted to mention that I see a lot of members print out their entries at the end of the month. Just wanted to suggest that besides a month end hard copy, I open a file every month - "December BP Entries" etc, and I copy each entry to the file IMMEDIATELY after posting the entry on BP. Its so handy to have these files on my screen, which I refer to often during the month - both current month and past months. This puts your entry history at you fingertips, without logging in to BP etc. ....just an idea I wanted to share. Regards...

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12/17/2005 8:19:25 PM

Katrina McMeans
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/9/2005
  Oh yes, I really wish they would change the numbering system somehow. It get SOOO hard to out them all in the right orders! I have procrastinated 'cleaing up' my gallery because I don't want to have to deal with the re-numbering again!

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12/18/2005 6:31:23 AM

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