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What lens do I need for my Canon 10d for studio?

Please help me, Ive been shooting with a Canon 10d in studio for a while and need a good lens. When I bought the camera it came with 2 Sigma zoom lenses. I tried using them but the portraits never came in clear. Very Frustrating!! Then I tried my old canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 from off of my canon rebel film camera. Well, the pics are clear but if I want a full length I have to go into the next room, which results in some fuzziness. Please give me some suggestions. Not wanting to spend a fortune but NEED a professional lens.

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12/16/2005 8:14:42 AM

Bob Fately   Gina, that 50MM lens effectively behaves like a 75MM lens on a 35MM film camera (due to the "cropping factor"), and 75MM has been an oft-used portrature lens over the years. That is, for typical head-and-shoulders shots.

If you need more viewing angle to stand closer and get the entire subject, you'll need a wide angle lens. How wide depends on how far from the subject you can actually get comfortably. Be aware, though, that perspective witha wide angle, particularly the 'wider' ones, can make people look less appealing.

That is, if I stand 8 feet from you and use a short telephoto to take your head-and-shoulder shot, your face comes out looking pleasingly "normal". The telephoto 'flattens' the depth just a little, which translates to a nice effect when viewing a face.

Now, if I stand 4 feet away and use a wide angle lens, capturing the same head-and-shoulder area, your nose and cheekbones will look a bit oversized (it has to do with distance ratios). Surely you've seen shots taken of people with ultra-wide or fisheye lenses that make them somewhat distorted. So, my only point is that you want to be sure a wide angle lens is really the way to go.

Of course, plenty of folks (myself included) do some portraits with wide angle lenses; all I'm implying is that you need to be careful.

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12/16/2005 3:59:28 PM

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