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Teressa Brown

How to stitch files into panaramonic shot?

Where is a person or lab that I can get 10 or 12 digital files "stitched " together for a panaramonic photo?

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11/28/2005 4:50:29 PM

Robyn Mackenzie
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/21/2005
  I don't know of a person or lab that can do this. But I've used software called Panorama Maker which does a decent job - it handles perspective pretty well, and has easy to use "fine tuning" options. I'm not sure of the cost of the software - it was bundled with a camera I bought last year.

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11/28/2005 5:36:13 PM

Ken Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/11/2005
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  You can also do this with Photoshop Elements 3.0. And I assume the same for the newly-released version, 4.0

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11/28/2005 6:42:23 PM

Justin S.   Hey Ken I was woundering if you could tell me how to make a panaramic in photoshop? I've wondered how to make one for quite sometime. thanks

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11/28/2005 7:25:08 PM

John G. Clifford Jr
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/18/2005
  Stitching photos in PS is not an exact science. You'll get far better results using panoramic stitching software.

I use Panorama Tools with PT Assembler as the front end/GUI. It does a great job but is very hard, and took me a couple of days to figure out how to get a workable pano, and a couple of months to get the best results consistently.

Ten or twelve shots is a lot of shots for most panos unless you are shooting multi-row panos. Either you have a lot of overlap, were using a very long lens or you are well past 180 degrees of coverage. All of these will tax the simpler pano software programs.

Look at some sample panos in my gallery and then send me a message if you have more questions.

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11/29/2005 1:52:10 PM

Michael H. Baroli   in photoshop cs2 you have an automatic setting called photo merge. it does a great job. try all photos at one time and if that does not work well pick 2or 3 shots merge them and then add more as you go. you will find it in file/automatice/photomerge. other then that is just takes some time to do it manually.

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11/30/2005 7:50:34 AM

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