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Issues with Minolta XE-7

I am trying to figure out if all minolta x series cameras have interchangeable parts.Just got a hold of an XE-7 and the shutter sticks on all settings except a Red X.Mirror has some decay and I need to change it! ROKKOR-X 1:1.4 on camera has some kind of discoloration on the inside , does that affect picture quality ?

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11/23/2005 2:27:16 PM

George Anderson   "trying to figure out if all minolta x series cameras have interchangeable parts."

No, they do not, in fact 'x'-number Minolta SLR cameras vary widely in shutter and internal electronics design. Another parts XE7 body might furnish a replacement mirror, plus there are repair shops I've seen that cut and fit replacements. The XE7 has a nice metal shutter but quite a complex internal mechanism and uses hard circuit boards if I remember. The boards get brittle over the years and breaks in continuity can occur, shutters can acquire dirt, grease etc. and stick, also foam seals can deteriorate and bits can jam the shutter.

But maybe it's something really simple. First thing is to carefully clean the battery contacts, inspect for corrosion and install a fresh clean battery, then check functioning.

If that doesn't work, the camera may need only a clean-lube-adjust to restore functioning. It's also possible that there are circuitry problems, if the main board is shot, good parts might be difficult to come by. But the biggest issue may be to find someone GOOD who's willing to work on it, it's not an easy camera to assemble/dissasemble and you really want someone who knows this camera to do the work.

If the lens has a 'spot' discoloration, it might be dust/dirt, or it might be fungus. If it's fungus, over time it can grow and definitely affect picture quality. You can get the lens cleaned which can work if the fungus hasn't etched the lens, or just buy another used lens in better shape.

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11/24/2005 9:02:14 AM

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