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Dave Siddons

Photo Montage Software

I am after some software that can create a photo montage. I want to have severla photos on a single page (A4) that seamlessly merge. I do not want rectangles I want random shapes and the ability to choose the piece of each photo that I want to keep. Anyone got any ideas

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11/13/2005 4:58:37 AM

Chuck Sanchez   Have you tried using Photoshop? Make your workspace the final size you want to ouput and feather all of your images using a mask or the feather function. Drop all you pics onto the workspace and the faded edges will help to seamlessly connect all your pictures.


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11/13/2005 7:14:02 AM

Dave Siddons   I only have an old version of photoshop. I do, however, have paint shop pro 9. Will this do the job. I am fairly inexperienced in its use though.


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11/13/2005 7:33:53 AM

Chuck Sanchez   I don't know too much about paint shop pro. But there is another thread in the new question area that talks about it. You may want to check in there and ask some of the experienced users.


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11/13/2005 11:36:13 AM

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