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Jeffrey Long


I'm in central Europe, where words like Ektachrome and Velvia are very hard to find. I take mostly 35mm slides (diapositives) on Agfa CT Precisa, Fuji Sensia II (which is too blue/green) or Elite Chrome Extra Color (all ISO 100) and need a better loupe (magnifying glass, for those who have never heard the term!) to look at my transparencies on a light box.

I should like opinions for two recommendations, firstly for a loupe which will show me the whole of a 36 x 24mm slide to the edge, and which is powerful enough for me to see whether how sharp it is (not!), preferably without costing an arm or a leg. In particular, what is the minimum magnification I need to be able to see the obvious flaws?

Secondly, if I succumb to temptation and buy that old TLR 6 x 6, what sort of loupe do I need to look at the resulting dias? Here I suppose I expect to lose at least one arm to pay for it....

Any of my photos which find a use end up being printed in CMYK process, usually at 175lpi, having found their way to the printing plates via a drum scanner at a bureau and thence into Photoshop.

Thanks, everyone!

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7/2/2001 9:23:38 AM

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