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lens cleaning

How do I best get rid of smudges on my lenses? I have tired using camera lenes cleaner which I put on a drop at a time on a lenese cleaning tissure and then lightly go in a circular motion on the lenes after I have removed dust particles from the lens. Most smudges are removed this way but there are those who have a mind of their own.

Thanks and take care.


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6/29/2001 6:08:27 PM

Hermann  Graf   Harold, avoid any intense rubbing for cleaning the lens surface. If the smudge is recalcitrant, let it be; otherwise you risk damaging the lens coating.
If you want to make a further attempt, use a lens cleaning liquid or pure ethyl alcohol (recommended by Nikon). Apply the liquid not directly, but soak a lens cleaning tissue with it and rub the surface very gently (!) from the lens center to the outside; then rub again with dry tissue.

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7/2/2001 3:30:19 AM

Harold    Hermann,


I will try the Ethyl Alcohol.

Thanks for the warning against being to vigorous.

Take care.


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7/2/2001 9:09:25 PM

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