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Hi I have been taking quite a few pictures of concerts and plays and they turn out blurry or their just too dark. So I was wondering what setting should I put my camera on to take great pictures? I have a Canon Rebel 2000. I just recently took Pictures of of an outdoors concert and the pictures in the day time turned out great not blurry or anything but in the dark is where I have the problem. I can't figure out if I should put it on Action which dosen't help cause there is no flash or should I change the Shutter Speed? So I was wondering if oyu'd know. I'd really appreciate an answer. Thanks

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6/28/2001 1:10:55 AM

Ken Pang   Hi Jenni,

This is a very common problem, unfortunately without an easy solution. The problem comes because there is insufficient light to get a well exposed, steady photo.

The basics that you need are: Fast film. Try 800 speed or above. My personal favourite is the Fuji professional NGH II. Expensive, but fine grained of a film that speed.

If you can use a tripod, use a tripod. If you can't, use a monopod with a shoulder brace to minimise hand held camera shake.

Once you have that, open up your aperture as wide as it will go, and let the camera choose the shutter speed, but watch the shutter speed. If it's slower than 1/60th of a second, you're probably going to get very blurred photos regardless.

For a more in depth look at this topic, go to

I know my answer isn't very comprehensive, but the link is. Good luck!

Kind regards,

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6/28/2001 1:26:15 AM

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