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doug Nelson

Who can host a photo web site for a reasonable fee

Do you know of a web hosting company (I don't remember the proper term) that specializes in photo web sites, and can connect with a few search engines, and assist with registering a domain name? I don't expect this service to be free, and I'd rather not have my readers subjected to tacky ads.

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6/26/2001 8:11:23 AM

Ken Pang   Doug,

Which country do you live in? I do this kind of thing all the time in Australia, so I might be able to give you some contacts.

Kind regards,

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6/28/2001 1:30:29 AM

doug Nelson   Thanks, Ken. It was dumb of me not to say I was looking in the US. I suppose it's impractical to have my site hosted from another country, although if I had to choose a country of trustworthy people, Australia would be right in there. I have worked with Australian army people.

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6/28/2001 5:52:55 AM

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