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Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005

My Mind The Camera Part III Cont...

Don’t fall into “digital-it is.” Click and click and click til our fingers fall patient..wait for the right moment..focus, re-compose, check the light, the color..seem ok? Are you seeing the shot? Happy and confident it is THE shot? Then shoot!
Seems anti-climatic..especially for Mr. Adams who had to wait to develop the image.

I personally do not like icy cold weather. When I see the Weather Channel showing snow and wind and ice in the high Sierra’s, Man; I can feel it!
Do these above criteria make a great photo? No. It is a great photo when YOU hang it on YOUR wall. We are our own worst critics..and that is as it should be. Sure, we can have our peers evaluate our shots and render an opinion, and that is all it is, an opinion. I’ve seen plenty of technically perfect shots that bore me to tears!
Anyone can learn the technicalities of photography; and these ARE important, but without that creative spirit to drive us, we have nothing. This is my motto when I’m ready to go hunting with my camera… “There’s always a shot.” It’s like oil, very valuable but we need to dig for it.
I may have exhausted my column inches, so I will save “WHERE” for another time.

I mentioned in my earlier post that my friend the Nat Geo photog was shooting in the Everglades and shot a ton of frames with no keepers. He said the “light was not cooperating.” I asked why bother to shoot? His response? “Deadlines.” LOL
He said he was being pressured for some material and really wasn’t feeling particularly, in his opinion, none of those shots would make it to publication.
See? He was just not in the mood. We can NOT force creativity..It will come in time.
He has equipment most of us dream about..a large expense acct, a traveling pro lab with him..some of the best locations to shoot from….and yet…nothing came of it without the drive to shoot.

As far as “where” to shoot..well; that may not require a posting from me.
There is no lack of subject matter out there.
One final thought: Photographers are like performers on stage..we may train and shoot in private, but eventually we display our passion for all the world to see..and if we don’t perform for the world, who have we enriched? The applause isn’t really for us, it’s for what we created, how we changed the world around us through this art we call photography. We will all pass on, but the image is forever in our minds, their mind..and passed on to the generations. Our passion should also enrich us..make us better people.
If in the capturing of light, you have made me laugh, cry, arouse anger, evoke questions or caused me to see the wonderment of our universe, then my friend, you have created a great work.

May your reach exceed your grasp and your light be pure,


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10/24/2005 10:47:11 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  forgot the one about looking thru the lens and into a persons soul, etc, etc...

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10/25/2005 12:45:42 AM

Samuel Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/21/2004
  it's a game pete,only once you know the rules can you actually be competitive.
i enter no contest,because I only have to better myself.once that is accomplished,i have to better myself again,and again.
but I also judge myself on how I am able to help others.if I can help others,then I can help myself.
sounds fair,sam

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10/25/2005 8:56:16 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  sounds like Frazier Crane

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10/25/2005 9:09:55 PM

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