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Alicia Anthony

Submitting a proposal

I've been approached about covering sporting events (mainly baseball and football) at one of the local schools. I talked to the head coach on Sunday - he asked me to email him a proposal/contract for him to present to the board in a week or two. He said they would probably want either a certain dollar amount per photo I sell, or a percentage of the total.

I've never done this before, so I don't know what is fair. I would want to make sure it's worth my while to do it. As a non-profit, I doubt they would pay me to attend the games, but would rather allow me to come and shoot as long as they get something from it (which I'm fine with).

What's a fair amount to give to them (he said maybe $1.00 per photo or 10% of the total or something - he wasn't sure)?

Also - what's a fair amount to charge parents for the photos? I know one guy was selling 8x10's for $20 each. I think that may be a bit steep, but people were buying, so maybe it's not (?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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10/24/2005 4:15:47 PM

Jay A. Grantham
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/21/2005
  I may be way off base.. but I don't think the school should get a cut at all.

I might offer them a couple of shots per event for a yearbook.. and ask them if they have any particular shots they would like. (coach on sideline, quaterback shot, jubilation shot.. that type of thing)

Also, anything that the school would like to purchase as a print, maybe discount their orders.

I also agree that the $20 per 8x10 is a bit high for a school event.. but I haven't reached pricing in the research that I've been doing.

Equipment is high for good quality sports shooting and just like anything else, the more you do, the better you will be.

Sounds like to me they are looking for a fund raiser.


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10/24/2005 5:35:00 PM

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