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Ray J. Ridley

Minolta Freedom 90c (battery)

I've had my Minolta Freedom 90c stored away for several years now. I found it in very good shape recently and decided to resume my hobby of photography. I bought some film and a Duracell 2cr5 lithium battery, put the battery in, pussed the camera's "on" button and it did not work. Checked everything over, made sure battery was insertd correctly and still nothing.

The camera worked fine the last time I used it and was stored away safely while not in use. Could there be a problem with the brand new battery? Or am I missing something?

Also, lost my manual.

Would apprecate your help.



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6/20/2001 6:49:47 PM

Charlene    I sure hope you find an answer to this one. I have a Minolta Freedom Zoom 90 that does the same thing. At first, I thought it was the battery but after buying 3 new ones, I pretty much ruled that out. I like you have taken good care of my camera and there should be no logical reason for the problem. I know this doesn't help but it'll save you money on new batteries :-)

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7/8/2001 7:31:18 AM

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