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Marc D. Tremblay


I'd like to do wildlife photography and have been looking at the Olympus E-10 to get started...any comparable eqipment in the $3000 bracket??

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6/15/2001 7:44:47 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   What are you going to do with your wildlife photos? Why digital instead of film?

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6/16/2001 1:18:13 PM

John A. Lind
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What kind of wildlife photographs are you planning on? Moose, elk, bears, large birds of prey, small birds, insects?

The extremely wide range covered by the category of "wildlife" means an extremely wide range of film, camera gear and lenses which would be typically employed for them. In general, photography of medium to large wildlife invovles very long and fast lenses, tripods to hold them steady enough, and great patience in the field. Very small wildlife can be very different involving macro lenses with high magnification instead of super long lenses, and sometimes very special lighting to capture nocturnal creatures.

-- John

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6/17/2001 1:43:50 PM

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