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Darlene Bush

Form pictures

One of my assignments is to take form pictures for class. But I'm not sure of what they are. Or better yet, where's a good place or setting to get what I'm looking for

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6/4/2001 3:26:34 PM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
Do you have a text or notes from your classes? If so, look for definitions of "formal elements." Your teacher may have a very specific definition of "form" in mind.

In general, as I learned it, "form" is one of the "formal elements" of an image. It is the shapes of things. There are two types of "form:" geometric and organic. Geometric forms are circles, triangles, rectangles, etc. Most man-made objects and very few natural ones have geometric form. Organic forms are shapes of natural objects such as trees, mountains, leaves, etc. (things we can recognize from just their shape).

My guess is your teacher wants you to make images celebrating and accentuating "form" over other elements such as color, line, depth, texture, etc. This doesn't mean everything else must be absent except shape, just less prominent. Look for very high contrast conditions that reduce the prominence of color and texture. Outdoors, excellent times are just before and just after sunrise or sunset. Indoors, look at creating high contrast. Silhouettes and strong, well defined shadows are classic and extreme examples of form. In the process don't forget about composition of the image to make it interesting to the viewer.

Hope this helps,
-- John

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6/4/2001 7:03:31 PM

Darlene Bush   John,

We didn't have any text notes (its a community class) but I think I can use what you've given me! What a great site and thanks again.

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6/4/2001 7:24:11 PM

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