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Photography Question 
Julie vecchio

member since: 11/6/2004

photo enlarger

I was given this hansa enlarger. Anyone ever of heard of it? I'm not sure what I should do with it, if anything. Anyone have any information on it?

9/26/2005 7:52:35 PM


member since: 10/13/2005
  I hadn't heard of hansa until I bought one:)All I know about the model you have is that it looks almost exactally like a vivitar enlarger.
as far as what to do with it? well use it to make photographs from negatives, because, well, its fun and that is what it is designed for. or heck, ship it to me if you dont want it. I am always looking for more equipment.
Anywho, Have fun whatever you do,

10/13/2005 7:28:34 PM

Justin G.
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/13/2004
  I'll give $1, starting bids $1! Time left: 6 DAYS 22 HRS 53 MIN.

10/13/2005 7:30:30 PM

Kerry L. Walker

member since: 12/21/2004

10/14/2005 7:18:04 AM

Justin G.
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/13/2004
  X You have been outbidd by another bidder (if you'd like, bid again)

$5.00! woohoo this is fun.

and julie, we're not making a mockery out of your question, I promise, we all just have weird sense of humors and I myself am very easily entertained!

10/14/2005 7:30:41 AM

Kerry L. Walker

member since: 12/21/2004
  I hate you rich guys! You are outta my range now. LOL

Julie, Justin is right. We're just nuts!

10/14/2005 7:35:34 AM

Julie vecchio

member since: 11/6/2004
  I'm just not sure how to use it! I didn't get directions with it. I guess i'll need to buy a different one with direction lol.

As far as the bidding goes. All I can say is....Keep them coming lol

10/14/2005 7:49:07 AM

Kerry L. Walker

member since: 12/21/2004
  You might be able to get a manual here:

10/14/2005 7:58:46 AM


10/15/2005 5:48:09 AM

Kitty  Cross

member since: 6/30/2005

All kidding aside. I saw one for sale on the net for $300 USD. Not sure it's worth that because of the lack of people developing their own. Google "Hansa enlarger" and you'll see what I mean

Are you shooting film--I'm guessing so or the enlarger won't be of any use to you.

Were you asking how to process film and how to use for that process? Sorry for asking a basic question, but your original one wasn't clear.

If that is the question, I can recommend a couple of good books as a place to start and you'll need a few more bits and pieces.

10/15/2005 6:11:54 AM


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