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Sarah J. Denton

Sarah's Gallery

If anyone would like to check out my gallery and let me know what you think, so far. Only 6 pictures but would greatly appreciate any feedback.

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9/25/2005 12:56:10 PM

Maverick Creatives
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/1/2004
  Hello Sarah.

You have just begun a journey where you will meet many friends. With only 6 photographs it is difficult to gauge and offer any advice. I do like the Deluth street shot. It's very interesting and well composed. The little dog may have shown better if the shot was captured in portrait mode rather than landscape mode. We'll all be watching for your next group of photographs and if you have any specific questions just fire away in the Q & A Forum.


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9/25/2005 5:37:20 PM

Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005
  Hi Sarah,
I don't think one can gauge if a photo is great or not. This art we immerse ourselves in, known as photography, is more "subjective" than "objective"

I love nearly all Ansel Adams photos, but not all. Hope no one shoots me for saying that. LOL

My advice? Shoot a lot of shots..keep shooting.
In only my opinion, it is NOT what others like, rather it is do I like it? How can (I) improve it? Did (I) capture what my eye saw?
Did my heart soar, did it feed my soul?

Anyone can learn the basics, exposure, rule of thirds etc..But to compose is really where this art is at.
Just because I can play the piano does not make me a composer; right?

Happy shooting,


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9/25/2005 8:56:19 PM

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