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Ronald Stein

Sometimes I get Shiny(bright)pixels around Objects

Sometimes I get real shiny or bright pixels around different objects in my digital images. Mostly it is around people. There will be a line of shiny pixels- usulally the line is not very long in size. It is almost like a bright spot of light from behind the subject in a film shot. I can see this on my monitor, however, when I print the picture the bright pixels DO NOT showup!! Is the camera defective or what?? It is annoying ! The camera is great otherwise!!
Thanks, Ron S.

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5/28/2001 1:29:31 AM

Lyndon Guy   Ron;

I'm not sure if we are talking about the same type of artifact, but I know that JPEG compression tends to leave a line of light pixels next to sharp contrasty edges. Assuming of course, that you are using JPEG compression, this may be what you are seeing. You probably won't see the artifact in your prints because of the printer's limited resolution - if you blow the image up on the screen, you can see individual pixels - not likely to see them on printed output.

One way to test to see if this is the problem is to try a shot with and without image compression turned on and then blow up the resulting images for comparison.

Hope this helps...

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5/29/2001 9:26:22 AM

Ronald Stein   I do use jpeg most of the time. I will try your suggestion- Thanks

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5/29/2001 9:31:33 AM

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