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Bob Smith

Selling Photos at Craft Fairs

I am attending a craft fair at the New Jersey Shore this weekend, My wife and daughter make and sell jewelry, and they have talked me into a table with my photographs for sale. I have no idea what to charge. The photos will be in mattes with a clear plastic cover. Any help would be appriciated.

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9/8/2005 3:45:20 PM

Christopher D. Barry   Dear Bob,
Just came across this and I'm sure you have figured out your prices already. Either way, I also sell my photographs at craft/art shows also. I also have my photo's matted and in a clear plastic cover. I sell mine at:5x7-$8.00 and 8x10-$12.00. Everyones cost is going to be different so you should base it on that and what you are looking to make of your photographs. I get my matts at you have to buy alot but it keeps the cost down for me. Also don't be afraid to try a flea market, I have done very well at some flea markets and they are usally alot cheaper then the craft shows.
hope this helped,

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3/17/2007 7:13:44 PM

Kathy Radford
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/2/2006
  In response to Christopher's comment, I think you are doing yourself a disjustice with your prices, I sell my matted 8x10's for $24 and am raising it this year to $25. Even at $24 everyone is telling me my prices are very reasonable. I check out your gallyer and your work is excellent. Maybe you should think about going up on your prices. Don't undervalue your work. Many times people think if you're too cheap then your work can't be that good either. Just my opinion. I hate to see you sell yourself short. Kathy in NH

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4/12/2007 3:06:47 AM

John Rhodes
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/24/2005
  Bob, First of ll--good luck with offering your photography at the craft fair.

I agree with Kathy on pricing. I mount and mat with archival materials and use clearbags for festivals. I sell 8 x 10 and 8 x 12 for $25-30; 11 x 14 for $40; and 12 x18 for $50. Larger pieces for more.

I have never had anyone say I'm overpricing my work.

I advise you use a spreadsheet program (Microsoft Works has a program that likely came bundled with your PC. Track every penny that goes into preparing your image for sale (except your own labor costs)to include the print, backer, mat, bag, etc.


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4/12/2007 10:24:53 AM

Christopher D. Barry   It's very hard to figure your pricing out. First you don't want to undersell yourself and you don't want to oversell yourself. I'm not saying that Kathy is wrong, so please don't take it that way. I am also thinking about raising my prices this year(from $12.00 to $15.00 for a 8x10 photo in a 11x14 matt). I have been at shows where there have been other photographers there and there prices where much higher then mine. What I saw was me selling my photo's and they where not. I don't now if this was because of my pricing verse theres because I also strongly believe that people are going to buy what they like and if they have the money then it's not going to matter what your pricing is because there going to buy it. I try to keep my matted work resonable because I also sell my work in frames and the people that have money will buy my framed work and not even look at the matted photo's. where someone that may not have alot of money will go for the matted stuff and i'm still getting the sell. It's hard and you learn something new everyday when your selling your photo's. I also agree with John and you should keep track of everything that your spending. This way you can look back and figure out what your making and if you need to make any changes to anything. I'm not sure where you are from in Jersey Bob but I will be at the monmouth beach cultral center this weekend(4/14/07) if you are close by and feel like stoping in feel free to do so.

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4/12/2007 3:11:55 PM

Kathy Radford
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/2/2006
  I was just thinking of all the costs involved and wanted to remind everyone of the higher gas prices must be included as well if you are traveling any distance to your shows. Especially how much gas has jumped in the past year. We sometimes travel up to an hours drive away from home. That 2 hours of driving is costly with the current gas prices.Chris I still think $15 is too low especially if you figure in the gas. That's only my opinion. Let's hear from more members on this one. It's always good to bounce things around with other members. Good luck.

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4/13/2007 2:23:25 AM

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