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Looking to buy more accessories for my E-300....

Is the anyone out there that uses the E-300? I've had mine for almost 3 months, and I love it. I now have permission and a nice budget to get a few more pieces...was wondering if there were any other Evolt users out there and what you would recommend. I currently have the E-300 2 lens kit (14-45 & 40-150), 2 batteries, one charger, nice bag, tripod, one 1 GB CF ultra II card, lens cleaning kit, hoya UV filter. I take action shots of my kids playing, like to do some macro, like to do some nature, but mostly take portrait style shots of my 2 & 1/2 year old twins. Here is a poor example of some of my pics I uploaded in a hurry.
thank you so much in advance for any info and links.

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9/2/2005 8:18:06 AM

Candace    I neglected to tell you that I live in a very small town with NO camera shop, the closest being 3 hours or so away. So...trying the lenses out and experimenting with them is not an option for me. Thanx again, Candace

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9/2/2005 8:39:13 AM

Candace    Anyone?? I know you're out there, I've seen lots of E-300 pics on this site!!

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9/12/2005 5:40:20 AM

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