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sandi G. kaufman

Proper Digital Scanning

I'm having a heck of a time with scanning my negatives or digital. I can't seem to get it. Any help would be appreciated. I like to blow pictures up sometimes to 30x40. So when I scan negatives to computer, do I have to put in all info then? Like BEST resolution and such? Or do I wait and put that info in after I've worked on it, and then am ready to scan it for printing? Thanks!

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8/29/2005 11:29:50 AM

doug Nelson   Sandi,
If you want prints that size, you have to scan at the highest possible resolution. Go into Image/Image Size in Photoshop or Elements, and enter 240 in the resolution block, Resample Unchecked. What you will see is a readout of the max printable photo quality size you can expect.
There are programs - Genuine Fractals being one - that will boost your resolution. I haven't used it.

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8/29/2005 1:09:54 PM

Sid Pearce   Try stair interpolation. Press Alt+II This will bring up Image size. Check Resample Image and Resolution to 200 pixels/inch. Change Width and Height to percent and change 100% to 110%. Keep increasing the size by 10% each time untill you get to the required file size. Another software program to try is Neat Image. Some say it's easier to use than Genuine Fractals

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8/30/2005 11:31:48 AM

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