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Jody Quinn


We're thinking about buying a new camera and were wondering what kind to buy and if digital cameras are better than 35mm?

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Darren P. Madams   I can't say that either are better. I own both, and I use both.

The digital cameras are _great_ for quick snapshots and distributing them to all your friends and family immediately. If you have pictures of a new baby, you can get them to the grandparents in a matter of minutes.

They are _terrible_ (and I'm talking about regular consumer level digital cameras) for high speed action shots (the CCD can't handle fast shutter speeds) and very detailed artistic photos. Even if you get the increasingly common 2 megapixel cameras, the quality when put on paper is just not there compared to a good quality traditional photo camera. I also think most digital cameras under say $800 lack the true color definition of a good quality film.

What the 35mm SLR-type cameras are good for (and why I finally upgraded to the Elan II) is making truly artistic photographs. You get control over shutter speed, focusing, depth of field, lens choice (try finding a fish eye lens or 1000mm telephoto lens for a digital camera). If you are an avid photographer that wants to take images that will last forever and you can display to everyone, you will want the SLR.

What they are bad for is shots you need right away, and small duty work.


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Darren P. Madams   The ideal solution, in my opinion, is to have a cheap digital camera (no grandparent is going to complain about the color saturation on your 640x480 graphic) for those situations where you want a quick snapshot... and a nice professional photo camerawhen you're in the artsy mood.

Of course, digital cameras will continue to develop and may eventually replace film for even artistic work, but I think those days are a way away.

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