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Lisa James
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/21/2005

fish eye lenses

I am looking for some input on fish eye lenses. I am trying to get a better understanding of lenses, variety, etc. and wonder about the importance of a fish eye lens. I currently use a digital Canon 20D with 18-55mm, 28-80mm & 70-300mm. Thanks greatly, Lisa.

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8/23/2005 10:34:06 AM

Christopher A. Vedros
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/14/2005
  A fish eye lens is only important to you if you want to take pictures with that particular effect. It will distort your scene and make it look rounded or spherical.

It might be fun to play with, but I wouldn't put it high on the list of things you need to get.

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8/23/2005 10:44:07 AM

Nobu Nagase
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/31/2003
  ...on "the importance of a fish eye lens"...
I can think of one application, that is, if you have needs to take photos of very close quarters such as inside of a car or a small room (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), it allows you to accomplish it although the lines and objects around the periphery of the lens are compressed (I try to avoid the use of the word "distort"...).

I have not used one but if I had one, I would certainly have fun using it...

In terms of the monthly contest on this site, I am curious about how the photos taken with the use of a fisheye lens would fair, because there is a category called "special effects". It seems to fit well in this category...

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8/23/2005 3:27:27 PM

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