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Tripod Head

I own a Bogen Manfrontto tripod, and I want to get a head that will be easy to use for landscape shots. I was thinking of a 2 way head. Any ideas?

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5/20/2001 1:52:17 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   I know you've also been talking about moving up to medium format so whatever head you get, make sure it can handle the weight of whatever MF system you may get.

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5/20/2001 3:49:49 PM

John A. Lind
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  I use a Bogen 3410 (Manfrotto 329) 3-way pan head on top of an older Bogen 3021 (055) tripod. (Manfrotto has revamped the 3021 [055] series).

The head is medium duty and can carry the weight of medium format, but is light enough for the 3021. Also has two leveling bubbles at right angles built into it. The 3410 is relatively new, has a slightly lower profile and is slightly lighter than their other medium duty pan head (3047 [029]; also has leveling bubbles).

The only downside of this head for Bogen/Manfrotto users: the QR rectangular plate is unique to this particular head, unlike the hex plate many of their other heads like the 3047 use. For use with things like the Bogen "L" bracket that has the hex plates built into it, I put one of the rectangular plates on the bottom of a QR adapter that uses the hex plates.

Either the 3410 or 3047 would work well for both 35mm and medium format cameras. Their lighter heads (3028, 3029 and 3030), while OK for 35mm cameras with small to medium lenses, aren't enough to hold the size and weight of medium format.

-- John

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5/20/2001 5:26:14 PM

Stephen    I ended up buying a video head, stupid on my part, but I do have a ball head which I will be using mainly. After having the video head on my tripod a few days, I realized how much I missed the convience of my ball head.

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5/24/2001 10:23:18 PM

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