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Teri F. Inman

flash advice for my Olympus or Kodak

Hello, forgive me if this is a redundant question, I searched for hours and haven`t found the answer to my question. I have an Olympus C50-50 5MP camera and soon a Kodak DX7590 5MP camera. I am looking for a good flash that will go with the Kodak. There is no hot shoe but a spot for a flash cord attachment. I am still learning about flash and lighting and would love some advice, would the flash attachment be what`s called a slave? Does one hold this type of flash or does it sit on the set up somewhere? Should I consider a flash for my Olympus that has a hot shoe? I do mainly portraiture outdoors{indoor setup in the winter} but recently did a wedding for a friend and decided I really needed more flash power
Does anyone know a website they could point me too if this question is too complicated? Many thanks.....

Teri in Canada

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8/20/2005 9:37:32 AM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  The Kodak camera can connect to a non-dedicated flash, such as Vivitar 283 or Sunpack 383 Super, with a PC sync cord. "PC sync cord" is a simple camera industry standard cord - PC refers to old Practika Compur camera rather than personal computer. It would be most convenient to mount the camera and flash on a flash bracket (stroboframe is one popular brand). The flash exposure would be automatically controlled by the flash, but you'd have to set the camera's ISO setting on the flash, and the aperture specified by the flash on the camera. Such a flash could also be used in the hotshoe of the Olympus C5050.

There may be a dedicated flash that would give more full auto exposure with the Olympus, but I don't know as I can't download the manual from this computer (I'm on dial-up at the moment and it's a 12mb download).

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8/20/2005 1:03:51 PM

Teri F. Inman   Thanks so much for your input, I much appreciate all your valuable information....

Teri in Canada

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8/20/2005 4:35:38 PM

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