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Accidentally Deleted Digital Film

I accidentally deleted my digital film cartridge without saving all the pictures. Is there any way to recover them? When I open the cartridge now it reads as blank. However I have not taken new pictures yet.

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5/19/2001 7:59:09 PM

Robert Torrence  
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Look into my eyes
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Sorry but when you delete digital it is gone for good (compact flash, smart media, ATA cards, PCMCIA cards,and memory sticks) They are just like hard drives with the fdisk funtion. Again sorry.

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5/20/2001 1:19:44 PM

Rodney Chen   Actually, a good number cameras store information in a DOS FAT format, when you erase a picture it doesn't delete the file, only the location on where it is stored, you can buy a reader and a DOS unerase utility to see if you can recover the photo. My SO had accidentally deleted a photo on a Epson 800 which uses compact flash, and I bought a USB CF reader and found a unerase utility to recover the photo.

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5/27/2001 12:27:17 AM

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