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Warming Filters vs. Enhancing Filters

What is the difference between a warming filter and an enhancing filter?


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5/18/2001 5:55:19 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   A warming filter is much more subtle than an enhancing filter and is much more useful. A warming filter is nice to take the blues out of shots taken in the shade, give nice warm skin tones, and to correct for reciprocity failure in some films among other things. An enhancing filter will often intensify colors, particularly reds. The manufacturers claim their enhancing filters will not alter neutral colors. Whether or not this is true I can usually tell when an enhancing filter is used. It looks unnatural. Does that mean I've never used one? No. I have, but only once in a blue moon.

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5/18/2001 6:36:12 PM

Laura    Thanks A-bunch!

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5/19/2001 10:14:04 PM

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