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joe Yuen

Best accessaries for cleaning lens/filter

Any advice on what the best product(s) out there to carry along for cleaning lenses and filters? So many to choose from, such as:
Kodak lens paper
Cloth (micro fibre, Henry's??)
Kodak lens cleaning solution
or even those cloth (silk like) from the glasses you bought.


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8/8/2005 6:58:11 AM

Michael H. Cothran   I have used only one item to clean all my lenses and filters for the past thirty years - a chamois cloth. Not just any chamois, but one made especially for cleaning optics.
I bought several from Porter's Camera. Hopefully they still sell them. The chamois' last a lifetime, and really never need replacing.
I would never use liquid, I would never use those "eyeglass" cloths, and I would never use lens tissues. All of the above are sloppy, and can still leave streaks or residue.
The lens chamois works perfectly, leaving absolutely no streaks or residue on the lens or filter.
Michael H. Cothran

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8/8/2005 8:21:52 AM

Melissa  L. Zavadil
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/26/2005
  Great info Michael! I will have to look for one of those!!

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8/8/2005 8:36:34 AM

Irene Troy
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/27/2004
  I always blow off any debris with a large blower before using anything else and then I use a liquid cleaner and pads. Recently I discovered something called Eclipse cleaning solution and pro pads and have been using these for about a month now with great success. (Thanks to Charlie Borland for mentioning these in an older thread) I used to use R.O.R. and I thought it did a good job but, after a month of using Eclipse I am really pleased with how much better this stuff really is. Its more expensive than the others, but you use much less and at least in my experience, it does a far superior job. I often shoot in somewhat hazardous situations (hazardous to my lens, not to me, lol) and this cleaner manages to remove all sorts of bad stuff without streaking and/or leaving those irritating little marks where you were using the pad. I know I sound like an ad for this, but it really is good stuff. You can buy the stuff in any good camera shop or online through B&H or other good shops.

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8/8/2005 9:37:18 AM

joe Yuen   Michael,
Good tips. When I looked for the chamois, we have one here being sold, "sepcial chamois for cameras and accessaries", but it's from Hakuba, and it says 100% oil tanned on the bag. Does it mean it's not for lenses in particular? Oil tanned??
See if it makes sense to you, thanks again.

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8/9/2005 11:08:56 AM

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